Künstlerin Morgan O’Hara

No one knows where life will lead you. You can be an intern wherever you want to be. Even in the metropolis of art in New York.

I had the great opportunity of working with Morgan O’Hara in her studio at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts in midtown Manhattan during my praxis semester in 2019.

Morgan O’Hara received the Lee Krasner Award for Lifetime Achievement as an artist in October 2018 and her work is in the permanent collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, The National Gallery in Washington D.C., and The British Museum in London among many other institutions worldwide.
Morgan O’Hara also has 3 solo shows in New York this spring, collectively presenting six separate bodies of work.
In January of 2017 she started the performative social practice called HANDWRITING THE CONSTITUTION. People gather to handwrite documents created for the protection of human rights. In spring of 2019 more than 100 sessions have been held across the United States as well as internationally in Asia and Europe. Approximately 1000 people have participated. For details and to participate, please check the website:

I was looking for an artist who would let me volunteer and give me a general idea of an artists life. Here in New York I have had a lot of inspirations and I’m a part of so many amazing experiences. To name just a few: I prepared two solo shows in New York galleries; was part of one of Morgan O’Haras Live Transmission performances during a music concert in the high security prison Sing Sing; assisted Morgan O’Hara during her Workshop at the Museum of Modern Art New York. And of course there were so many cultural shows, performances,lectures, free admission to all the famous museums and galleries and a lot of wonderful places to relax.

Life is too valuable to be limited. So think big, be free and off you go!

Nice greetings from New York,

Lydia Waldmann